Edges and Sidewalls

We don't cut corners with any materials in the construction of your boards or skis. That's why we use German made edges that are fully wrapped. If you need a different material or a different size edge profile, we can get that too.

Sidewalls can be capped or slanted. Cap constructions require extra care and experience to do them correctly. No need to worry about core shift. We have the experience and know how to do them right. For slanted sidewall construction we employ a few different materials. All of which are high quality, low temp, high impact materials. We also use bamboo as a sidewall. Bamboo has a high strength to weight ratio, high impact resistance, and provides more snap for ollies. All on top of the fact that it's a renewable resource. Good for you and good for the earth.

Don't forget you can even add your graphics to the outside of edges and inside and outside sidewalls to set yourself apart from your competitors even more.

High Quality Materials.

Fill Automatic Sidewall Shaper

Sidewall shaping with Fill automatic sidewall shaper

Iso-Sport ID2000 Sidewall Material

Sidewall material

Tip and Tail Sanding

Tip and tail sanding

Freshly Shaped

Shaping sidewalls with our FILL finishing equipment.