Customers want a product that looks as good as it performs. That's where our finishing services, machines, and extra care come in. Recently we have added a new Class 4 clean room with an air bath solely dedicated to our topsheet UV lacquer process. Ensuring a consistent gloss and finish for every ski or snowboard is at the top of our list.

Bases make skis and snowboard go. Finishing is important. We offer stone ground, ceramic ground, or standard belt ground options, as well as finish waxing. right out of the wrapper there's nothing left to do but blast down the mountain.

Topsheet graphics are the most seen, everywhere from waiting in lift lines, to riding up chairs, to parked in from of the lodge. Maintain vibrant eye-popping graphics with glossy or matte UV protection. Add metallic flakes for a glitter effect. Or add hidden graphics with topsheet screen-printing. Even use a topsheet that looks 3d. If you want your ski or snowboard to really shine; we even offer a polishing option.

Riding park boards or skis without detuning the edges is disastrous. Having your customers waste time de-tuning when they could be riding, just as disastrous. We fix that for you. We offer you a de-tune service as well as your choice of edge bevels. Fine-tune each board for its optimal riding condition. Offering your customers a finely tuned, quality manufactured piece of equipment.

To finish it all off is the packaging. We can wrap your skis or snowboards in heat shrunk plastic or place them in a PE zipper bag. We can also add a silent salesman, a SKU, or whatever else you would like to finish it off with. We're here to manufacture start to finish for you.

We finish what we start, literally.

One Of Our Ski And Snowboard Finishing Areas

One of our ski and snowboard finishing areas

One Of Our Ski And Snowboard Finishing Areas

One of our ski finishing areas

Automatically shaped sidewalls

Automatically shaped sidewalls

Vertical finish grinders

Vertical finish grinders

>Stone ground options available

Stone ground options available

Warranty Cards, Silent Salesman Packing

Warranty cards, silent salesman packing

Quality Manufactured, Quality Inspected, Quality Shipped

Quality manufactured, quality inspected, quality shipped