Topsheets and Bases

Topsheet material has to be durable and yet it also has to flex. We use topsheet materials that maintain impact strength at low temperatures. We also bamboo, which adds durability, tensile strength, strength-to-weight benefits and its impact resistance. Bamboo is also a renewable resource. By replacing the plastic topsheet with bamboo, we are helping the environment while benefiting overall ride quality.

Base material is also a key component in snowboard construction. It's what brings on the speed. We have two base types that we use. A high-end sintered base that's known for its speed and a durable extruded base that's easy to repair.

If you would like to use different materials, by all means ask us. We here to manufacture for you. Not to tell you what to manufacture. We also provide many finish services that will enhance your topsheets and bases. UV coating, polishing, stone grinds, and waxing are just a few. Please view our finishing section for details.

We Manufacture For You.

Various Topsheets

Optically active topsheets

Iso-Sport IS7500 Base Material

Base material

Base Material

Base material



ICP 4D creates 3d topsheets

3d topsheets