Wood Working

Woodworking is a pretty important part in any ski and snowboard manufacturer's production. If woodcores are essentially the heart of a ski or snowboard then woodworking is the heart of ski and snowboard production.

We've got a whole list of equipment to build you the best OEM cores possible. CNC planers, mills, and routers, joint cutters, air channel cutters, core benders, the list goes on. Not only do we build you cores to the highest of standards but rest assured that we use the highest grade materials within them.

If you don't find the core that fits your needs within our ski and snowboard technology sections, we will build you one that will fit your does. No questions asked.

We take our wood working seriously.

Maka Machining Center

Maka machining center

Wood dryers

Wood dryers

Automated Woodcore Cutting

Automated woodcore cutting

Shoda 5 Head Router

Shoda 6 head machining center



Talon CNC Planer

Talon CNC planer

Insert Holes

Insert holes