Ski Technology

We use the latest ski specific technology when we manufacture a pair of skis for you. As with are snowboards, the highest grade materials are selected and then put into our manufacturing process to create a pair of high performance skis.

Camber Configurations

For skis we offer you two different types of camber, Traditional Camber and Camrock Camber. That doesn't mean we can't make more. Have an idea for a new camber, let's do it.

Traditional Camber

Our original traditional camber has been around for ages because it works. All the power and pop you need from a pair of skis.

Camrock Camber

When we apply our camrock camber to skis we keep the camber under the feet but lengthen the nose to provide better floating characteristics and a different feel.


One of the most important things in the success of a pair of skis is the correct use of a wood core; in fact it's the heart of a pair of skis. Just short of growing the trees ourselves, we process our wood cores from scratch. It starts with premium-selected wood; it's sorted, squared, and pressed into massive blocks. Then sliced into rectangular rough cores, dried a second time to ensure consistent moisture content and minimize dimensional change. Afterwards, depending on the grade of ski the core will end up in, the cores are profiled and routed with a CNC mill or planed with a CNC planer then routed to shape. The final step; the core gets pressed into a ski along with the other high quality materials. From the raw wood being dropped off, to it being pressed into a ski, we closely monitor quality, nothing we hate more than cores that crack and skis that snap.

We use three different types of wood to manufacture our cores. All have been selected to give optimum riding results to the end user. We use Poplar, Birch.

Core Configurations

We provide a number of OEM core configurations. These configurations provide a starting point for manufacturing your own cores and skis. Design your own wood core, modify and add to our cores, or use our tested OEM cores, the options are endless.

Single Core

A basic core with a basic purpose; provide a simple stable platform to manufacture from. The Uni is a simple, light wood core made from a single species of wood. Providing ample snap and pop while being forgiving and responsive at the same time. This core is great for beginners and intermediates alike.

Double Core

We take the Uni Core and we lighten it up by adding another lighter species of wood. These two species of wood together give you snap and ollie while lowering the overall weight of the core. Not to light but not too heavy. A fantastic mid-range all around core for any ski to handle most conditions with.

PU Core

High quality polyurethane is injected to create a foam core. The end result is a superlight weight durable core that hits any price point.

Woodcore Stringers

We offer the addition of stringers to help lighten, reinforce, and improve pop in our wood cores.

The standard stingers that we place in our skis are made of Birch, and Poplar.


We use a couple things to reinforce and create snap in our ski cores. More snap means more pop which equals bigger ollies and hard turns. We use Carbon Stringers because they add rigidity and tension making the ski want to pop up into an ollie. Kevlar Stringers do the same thing but are not as stiff as carbon stingers, allowing more of the ski to flex. We also use a reinforcement plate in the binding mountain area. Not only does this strengthen the mounting area but also gives the ski more snap.

Some manufacturers purchase their own fiberglass weaves and are limited to the weaves they can use. We however weave our own, in house. Our stingers work with fiberglass to give an overall feel and flex to a pair of skis.

We offer two standard weaves as starting points: a Bi-axial and a Tri-axial weave. Both provide structure and rigidity to our wood cores.


We only use the highest-grade materials possible in our manufacturing process. This provides you with the highest quality materials manufactured by us to the highest quality.

Edge and Sidewall Construction and Material

We manufacture with industry standard German made steel edges. Which are machine bent, fully wrapped and finished to any bevel that you specify. Steel edges aren't the only material we can use. If you would like to use another material, like bronze or stainless steel, or a different profile for park or pipe skis, talk to us. We are capable of getting anything you would like us to manufacture with.

Sidewalls can be capped or slanted. Cap constructions require extra care and experience to do them correctly. No need to worry about core shift. We have the experience and know how to do them right. For slanted sidewall construction we employ a couple different of high quality materials. All these materials are low temp high impact and provide the durability that you need in sidewall construction.

Topsheet and Base Material

Topsheet material has to be durable and yet it also has to flex. We use topsheet materials that maintain impact strength at low temperatures. We also bamboo, which adds durability, tensile strength, strength-to-weight benefits and its impact resistance. Bamboo is also a renewable resource. By replacing the plastic topsheet with bamboo, we are helping the environment while benefiting overall ride quality.

Base material is also a key component in snowboard construction. It's what brings on the speed. We have two base types that we use. A high-end sintered base that's known for its speed and a durable extruded base that's easy to repair.


The first thing you see on a pair of skis is not the shape but the graphics. It's a major selling point. We offer the latest in graphic applications.

Main topsheet graphics are either screen printed or sublimated underneath the topsheet to prevent scratching. We have the ability to add stance location, hidden graphics with matte spot finishing, or anything else you may want. You've been thinking about some alligator skin texture for the topsheet or maybe some 3d material with your logo in it. We've done it before. Texture embossed topsheets, 3d textured material, four-color screen-printed, or photo realistic sublimation graphics, it's all up to you.

Base graphics are applied a similar way. Except we also offer a die cutting option in addition to screen-printing and sublimation. With die cutting we can cut out a design from the base and then replace it with a different color of material. We offer die cutting, which means we can also offer an embedded metal logo in the base. Again, as with topsheet printing, the options are endless and all up to you.

Don't forget that we can also screen-print on the sidewall and edges of a ski. A perfect little addition to separate yourself from your competitors.

Finishing Options

Not only do we want our products to function, we want them to be easy on the eyes. We take extra care with finishing our skis so that they look good while functioning at the highest of standards. We have many finishing machines that other would love to have. Whether your products are ground by hand, or automatically ground by machine it's going to be best it can be. The following is what we offer for finishing services. However if you don't see what you looking for. Don't be afraid to inquire to see how we can suit your needs.

  • Gloss UV Lacquer
  • Embossed Graphics
  • Matte Spot Printing
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Heat Foil Printing
  • Silk Screened Graphics
  • Die cut Graphics
  • Metal Logo Inserts
  • Stone Grinding
  • Waxing
  • Sandwiched Sidewall material
  • Full Running Length
  • Silk Screening
  • Bamboo
  • Silk Screening
  • Custom Bevels
  • De-tuned Edges

Testing and Quality Control

We are proud of the products we manufacture for you. We want you to be proud of your products. 100% of the skis produced are tested for specifications that coincide with their serial numbers. We have an in house testing area where we test anything from flex, torsion, and topsheet peeling, to weight to durability. If that's not enough we can test it first hand at an indoor ski resort within 20 minutes.

We take quality control as seriously as you do. Everyone has their own standards and that's why we work with you to meet yours.