Binding Technology

Our bindings our designed for you by industry professionals who have been designing bindings for over 15 years. They take high tech materials and mold them into pieces of art. But not just any art, art that can slay a rail or blast through a pow turn. Our bindings perform.

You have a specific price point you need to meet? We offer numerous configurations of straps, materials, and options to allow you to meet any target. From lower end bindings and all the way to high-end high performance bindings, we have the designs and experience to meet your needs. Take our custom designed OEM bindings, add your graphics, custom ratchets, ladders, or colored material. Whatever you dream up they will be the best binding you can offer your customers, because that's all we make.


PA66: PA66 is a nylon 66 base plate without fiberglass. Not adding fiberglass results in a more forgiving binding for a beginner or intermediate rider.

PA663FG: A Nylon 66 Baseplate with 7.5% fiberglass: We add just enough fiberglass to stiffen the base plate so it won't buckle under a hard landing or turn but yet will still flex when buttering around.

PA667FG:A nylon 66 Baseplate with 15% fiberglass. You stepping up to the big leagues, dropping cliffs and hitting shoots. This base plate is our most ridged. It's made of short cut fiberglass reducing weight and providing stiffness.

PC: PC material is a strong transparent material. This material is used in areas that require strength.

TPU: TPU is strong, lightweight flexible material. This material has the ability to bend at -30C without fear of breaking.

Heel cups

Our heel cups are made out of lightweight aircraft aluminum. Each heel cup is heat-treated to T6 specifications ensuring the strongest possible material. Edges are filed smooth to create a clean sleek look. Each heel cup also has a series of mounting locations, allowing adjustment in a variety of ways.

Strap Options

  • Traditional TPU ankle straps sewn on top of die cut or molded EVA
  • Traditional over the top TPU toe straps sewn on top of die cut EVA
  • New universal style toe straps sewn on top or covered in PU leather material for a hidden stealth look
  • Cut and sew ankle straps available with or without outside border taping
  • Quick adjusting strap options
  • Lycra covered EVA
  • Perforated and non-perforated leather covered EVA
  • Suede leather covered EVA
  • Canvas covered EVA
  • CNC stitched logos or patterns
  • Laser etched logos
  • High frequency logos
  • Heat pressed logos
  • Flat embroidery
  • 3D raised embroidery
  • Screen-printing
  • Fake diamonds, studs or rivets
  • Embossed and de-bossed PVC logos with and without 2nd color


We offer you 4 different die cast aluminum and 2 different plastic ratchet levers to choose from. Choose either single or double axis ratchet functions, multiple anodizes, solid or metallic painting, and soft touch to complete your customized ratchet for your customized binding.

Graphic Applications For Baseplate, EVA, and Highbacks.

  • Simple 1 color screen prints to complex multiple color printing
  • Flat and 3D raised embroidery
  • Water transfering
  • Glossy automotive painting
  • Matte painting
  • Soft Touch painting
  • CNC controlled gradient painting
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Thin metal logos
  • Fake diamonds, studs or rivets
  • Foil printing
  • Plastic micro-injection logos
  • Clear PC parts with front and back printing
  • Stamped and recessed copper metal logos
  • Highback covers
  • Camouflage EVA
  • EVA screen-printing