One-piece wonder. Trick it out with lots of graphics, creating a well designed core binding or hold back a few options for a slick rental binding. With its medium to stiff flex, this binding is best suited for all around riding or handrail jibbing. The Nexus is available with adjustable toe ramps, without toe ramps, or with built in toe ramps. Choose from die cut or pressed highback EVA, quick adjusting or screw adjusted straps. Choose ratchets, colors, or graphics, or choose whatever you want and we'll get the job done. With this one piece wonder, the possibilities are endless.

Nexus Features:

  • PA663FG: Nylon 66 Baseplate with 7.5% fiber glass
  • One piece fixed base plate and heel cup configuration
  • Adjustable and non-adjustable toe ramp options
  • TPU ankle straps
  • Universal positioned toe straps
  • Single axis die cast aluminum ratchets
  • Micro adjusting 4x4 discs
  • Sizes: Small, Medium and Large
Nexus Bindings Nexus Bindings Nexus Bindings Nexus Bindings Nexus Bindings Nexus Bindings